Information Sciences 119 (1999), Special Issue on RelMiCS

Journal      : INS Information Sciences
Volume/issue : 119/3-4
Year         : 1999
Journal no.  : 7669
ISSN         : 0020-0255
Cover Date   : 2 October 1999



Ali Jaoua, Gunther Schmidt
Relational methods in computer science: Introduction
Bernhard Möller
Calculating with acyclic and cyclic lists
Rudolf Berghammer
Combining relational calculus and the Dijkstra-Gries method for deriving relational programs
Maarten Marx
Relation algebras can tile
Claudia Schindler and Peter Kempf
Towards a formal framework for heterogeneous relation algebra
HE Jifeng and C.A.R. Hoare
Linking theories in probabilistic programming
S. Ben Yahia, H. Ounalli, and Ali Jaoua
An extension of classical functional dependency: dynamic fuzzy functional dependency
Yasuo Kawahara, Hitoshi Furusawa, and Masao Mori
Categorical representation theorems of fuzzy relations
Wolfram Kahl
Relational matching for graphical calculi of relations
Jules Desharnais
Monomorphic characterization on n-ary direct products
Yoshihiro Mizoguchi
Properties of graphs preserved by relational graph rewritings
Michael Winter
A relation algebraic approach to interaction categories

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