Pictures from RelMiCS Meetings

RelMiCS 1 --- Dagstuhl 1994

Dagstuhl Workshop 1994 [108 KB]

RelMiCS 2 --- Parati 1995

Rua da matriz [185 KB]

Parati Workshop 1995 [107 KB]

RelMiCS 3 --- Hammamet 1997

Hammamet Workshop 1997 [218 KB]

Excursion to tunis: entrance of the hotel we have had lunch

Chris Brink and Peter Jipsen in Sidi bou Said

Rudolf Berghammer in the Andalusian Cafe in Sidi bou Said

Michael Winter in Marmora

Chris Brink and Wolfram Kahl

RelMiCS 5 --- Valcartier, Québec 2000

winter group

freeing the car 1

freeing the car 2



Bernhard Möller, Jules Desharnais

Jules Desharnais

Marcelo Frias

Thorsten Hoffmann

Wolfram Kahl

RelMiCS 6 --- Tilburg 2001

Lecture Hall (570kb)

Ivo Duentsch and Günther Gediga (1) (384kb)

Ivo Duentsch and Günther Gediga (2) (416kb)

Ivo Duentsch and Dimiter Vakarelov (538kb)

Tomas Feglar (1) (392kb)

Tomas Feglar (2) (368kb)

Marcelo Frias (656kb)

Günther Gediga (470kb)

Michel Grabisch (336kb)

Petr Hayek (312kb)

Thorsten Hoffmann (358kb)

Wolfram Kahl, Eric Offermann, and Yasuo Kawahara (552kb)

Yasuo Kawahara (608kb)

Robert Kent and Petr Hayek (320kb)

Wendy McCaull and Yasuo Kawahara (312kb)

Ulf Milanese (384kb)

Ulf Milanese and Thorsten Hofmann (480kb)

Thomas Mormann (311kb)

Hitomi Okuma (240kb)

Hitomi Okuma and Yasuo Kawahara (544kb)

Ewa Orlowska and Petr Hayek (440kb)

Marc Roubens (65kb)

Marc Roubens and Ewa Orlowska (433kb)

Gheorge Stefanescu and Wolfram Kahl (488kb)

Gheorge Stefanescu and Yasuo Kawahara (352kb)

Georg Struth (284kb)

Georg Struth and Rudolf Berghammer (400kb)

Michael Winter and Ewa Orlowska (312kb)