RelMiCS 1, Dagstuhl 1994: Talks

also available as Dagstuhl Seminar Report No 80

Induction and Recursion on Datatypes
Roland Carl Backhouse

Fork Algebras
Gabriel A. Baum, Armando M. Haeberer

Computing Kernels of a Graph
Rudolf Berghammer

English as a Relational Language
Michael Böttner

Priestly Duality for Predicate Transformers
Chris Brink, Ingrid M. Rewitzky

Embedding a Demonic Semilattice in a Relation Algebra
Jules Desharnais

A Relation-Algebraic Model of Robust Correctness
Thomas F. Gritzner

RALF - A Relation-Algebraic Formula Manipulation System
Claudia Schindler

Handling Intervals with Relation Algebra
Robin Hirsch

Membership of Datatypes
Paul Hoogendijk

Rectangular Decomposition of n-ary Relations: Application to Database Decomposition
Ali Jaoua

Relation-Algebraic Treatment of Term Graphs
Wolfram Kahl

Connections between Predicate Transformer Semantics, Relational Semantics, and Demonic Semantics
Roger Maddux

Does it make a Difference? Extending Weak Associative Relation Algebra with the Difference Operator
Maarten Marx

Rectangular Density Implies Representability
Szabolcs Mikulás

Ideal Streams
Bernhard Möller

The Connection between Predicate Logic and Demonic Relation Calculus
Than Tung Nguyen

Towards Automating Dualities
Hans Jürgen Ohlbach

Relational Semantics and Relational Proof Systems for Nonclassical Logics
Ewa Orlowska

Tarski's Vision Revisited: Mathematics Founded on a Calculus of Binary Relations
Vaughan Pratt

Zooming In. Zooming Out.
Maarten de Rijke

Unifying State-Based Formalisms for Proving Data Refinement
Willem-Paul de Roever

An Algebraic Treatment of Graph Algorithms
Martin Russling

Fork Algebras in Usual as Well as in Non-Well-Founded Set Theories
Ildiko Sain

Modal Rule Correspondences
Bernd-Holger Schlingloff

A Relational Invesitigation on the Laws of Information Transmission
Gunther Schmidt

Peirce Algebras and Their Applications in Artficial Intelligence and Computational Linguistics
Renate Schmidt

Axiomatizing CrsGa
Andras Simon

Z-like Formal Development in Classical Set Theory
John Staples

Flownomials: Regular Expressions for Distributed Computing
Gheorghe Stefanescu

Completeness through Flatness in Two-Dimensional Temporal Logic
Yde Venema

Relational Datatypes with Laws
Jaap van der Woude