RelMiCS 2, Parati 1995: Talks

Sequential Calculus
Burghard von Karger

Packing Knapsacks Lazily
Oege de Moor

Linear Logic and Relation Algebras
Jules Desharnais

Theorem Proving in Relation Algebra
Peter Jipsen

Relation-Algebraic Semantics
Roger Maddux

An Algebraic Formalization of Fuzzy Relations
Yasuo Kawahara

Undecidable Theories of Relation Algebras
Steven Givant

Relational Formalization of Dependencies in Information Systems
Ewa Orlowska

Functional Decomposition of Relations
Hans Jürgen Ohlbach, Renate Schmidt

Taming Logics
Szabolcs Mikulás

Relational Semantics for Dataflow Computation
Gheorghe Stefanescu

Semantics of the Ambiguity Operator
Michael Winter

Efficient Implementations of Local and Global Model Checking
Bernd-Holger Schlingloff

Programs as Priestly Relations
Chris Brink

Induction and Recursion on Datatypes
Roland Carl Backhouse

Relational Diagram Proofs
Wolfram Kahl

Fork Algebras and Program Construction
Marcelo F. Frias, Gabriel A. Baum

Contributing to the Infra-Structure of Relational Algebra
Thomas F. Gritzner

RelMiCS Book Discussion
Gunther Schmidt, Chris Brink

A Friendly Calculus for Relation Algebra
Claudia Schindler

General Theory of Datatypes
Paul Hoogendijk

Rectangular Decomposition and Data Engeneering
Ali Jaoua

Program Construction by Parts - Theory and Applications
Ali Mili

Deductability and Exactiveness
Jacques Riguet

A Relation Algebraic Approach to Natural Language
Michael Böttner

Some Classes Containing a Fork Algebra Equivalent Variety Involving Projections
Juan Duran

PLATO demonstration
Cristina Ururahy