RelMiCS 3, Hammamet 1997: Talks

A Relational Concept of Nonstrict Products and Parallelism
Gunther Schmidt

Categorical Representation Theorems of Fuzzy Relations
Yasuo Kawahara, et al.

A Relation Algebraic Approach to Interaction Categories
Michael Winter

Oriented Binary Ordered Trees and Forests in Distributive Allegories
Jean-Pierre Olivier

Fuzzy Graph Rewriting
Masao Mori, Yasuo Kawahara

Dynamic Fuzzy Functional Dependency
Sadok Ben Yahia

Fuzzy Difunctional Dependencies in Relational Database
Habib Ounalli, Ali Jaoua

Use of Difunctional Relations for Information Systems
Raoudha Khcherif, et al.

Some Properties of Spectral Binary Relations
Karim Belaid, et al.

The Finite Property for some Cylindric-Relativized Algebras
Ian Hodkinson

Properties of Graphs Preserved by Relational Graph Rewriting
Yoshihiro Mizoguchi

Relational Matching for Graphical Calculi of Relations
Wolfram Kahl

Modelling Message Buffers with Binary Decision Diagrams
Bernd-Holger Schlingloff

Calculationg with Pointer Structures
Bernhard Möller

Mechanizing Proofs by Unfolding, Folding and Simplification
Rym Salem, Kahled Bsaies

The Relation Language Libra
Barry Dwyer

Predicate Relators
Chris Brink, Ingrid M. Rewitzky

Semantics for Logics without Contraction Using Ternary Relations
Wendy MacCaull

Defining Levels of Correctness for Parallel Programs with Temporal Logic of Actions
Yahya Slimani, Lotfi Majdoub

Axiomatizing Mixed Relations
Gheorghe Stefanescu

Formal Protocol Description: Model and Validation
Sihem Guemara, et al.

Completeness of Relational Calculus MU2
Marcelo F. Frias, Roger Maddux

Axioms for Jonsson's Q-Algebras
Vera Stebletsova, Yde Venema

Relation Algebras can Tile
Maarten Marx

A Note on Expressing Infinity in Cylindric-Relativised Set Algebras
Szabolcs Mikulás

The Representable Finite Relation Algebras are not Recursive
Robin Hirsch

Linking Theories in Probabilistic Programming
Jifeng He

Programs as Binary Multirelations
Ingrid M. Rewitzky

Algorithms = Relational Algebra + Ordering Relations
Ali Mili, Fatma Mili

Calculating with Relations for Graph Algorithms
Jesus Ravelo

Measures of Distances to Perform Component Retrieval
Rym Salem, Ali Mili, et al.

Computing Kernels in Bicromatic Directed Relations
Rudolf Berghammer, Burghard von Karger

Visiting Some Relatives of Pierce's
Michael Böttner

Equational Reasoning in Non-Classical Logics
Marcelo F. Frias

Reasoning about Demonic Nondeterministic Programs
Ewa Orlowska

Towards a Formal Framework for Heterogeneous Relation Algebra
Peter Kempf, Claudia Schindler

Representability of Program Construction within Fork Algebra
Marcelo F. Frias, et al.

Monomorphic Characterization of n-ary Direct Products
Jules Desharnais

Weakly Associative Relation Algebras with Polyadic Compositions
Vera Stebletsova