RelMiCS 4, Warsaw 1998: Talks

Invited lecture: Relations Old and New
Joachim Lambek

Constructing Heterogeneous Relation Algebras and Multiplicative Embeddings
Gunther Schmidt

Lattices in Dedekind Categories
Yasuo Kawahara

Sequential Q-algebras
Peter Jipsen

An Application of Standard BAO Theory to some Information Algebras
Eric SanJuan, Luisa Iturrioz

Colorful Reducts
Ian Hodkinson, Szabolcs Mikulás

Equational and Implicational Classes of Co-Algebras
Peter Gumm

Cylindric Algebras for Partial Relational Systems (Quasicylindric Algebras)
Artur Wolinski

Decidability of the Equational Theory of Allegories
Claudio Gutierrez

Finite-Cofinite Predicate Transformers
Chris Brink, Ingrid M. Rewitzky

Duality and Simulation
Ingrid M. Rewitzky

Demonic Diagrams - Towards a Graphical Refinement Calculus
Wolfram Kahl

Capturing Pointer Semantics and Scoping Rules
Rahma Ben Ayed, Ali Mili, et al.

Computation Calculus = Sequential Calculus + Discreteness and Termination
Burghard von Karger

Operation Systems on Relations and their Abstract Descriptions
Ferdinand Börner

Unifying Theories of Programming
Jifeng He

Processes and Relations
Michael Winter, Peter Kempf

A Calculus for Program Construction Based on Fork Algebras, Generic Algorithms and Design Strategies
Marcelo F. Frias, Gabriel A. Baum, Armando M. Haeberer

Panel discussion: Algebras of relations in theory of programming
Chris Brink

Invited lecture: Relation Algebras in Spatial Reasoning
Ivo Duentsch

A Relational Approach to Association Rules and Functional Dependencies
Wendy MacCaull

Modal Tableaux Based on Graph-Rules
Luis Farinas del Cerro, Olivier Gasquet, et al.

Extending Arrow Logic
Philippe Balbiani, Dimiter Vakarelov

Relational Semantics for Arbitrary Finite Valued Logics
Beata Konikowska, Ewa Orlowska, et al.

Proof Systems in Relation Algebra
Lew Gordeew

Coping with Semilattices of Relations in Logics with Relative Accessibility Relations
Stéphane Demri

Using RELVIEW to Solve Problems on Relation-Based Discrete Structures
Rudolf Berghammer

On Space-Time Duality in Computing: Imperative Programming Versus Wave Computation
Gheorghe Stefanescu

Translating relational programs into PROLOG
Barry Dwyer

Panel discussion: Relational Semantics
Wendy MacCaull

Invited lecture: Modality, Relational Guards, and Decidability
Johan van Benthem

Relational Representation Theorems for some Algebraic Structures
Luisa Iturrioz

More on Embeddings of Residuated Semigroups into Algebras of Relations
Wojciech Buszkowski

Relational Semantics for Lambek Calculus
Miroslawa Kolowska-Gawiejnowicz

Representation Theorems for Residuated Groupoids

Connections Between Cylindric Algebras and Relation Algebras
Robin Hirsch, Ian Hodkinson

Towards a Uniform Relational Semantics for Tabular Expressions
Jules Desharnais, Ridha Khedri, Ali Mili

Three Types of Redundancy in Integrity Checking: An Optimal Solution
Harrie de Swart, et al.

Panel discussion:Relational Representation Theorems
Wojciech Buszkowski

Relating Formula Sets
Chris Brink, et al.

About Fuzzy Preference Structures
Marc Roubens

The Equational Theory of Lyndon Algebras is Undecidable
Vera Stebletsova

Classes of Modal Frames Definable by Closure Relational Operations
Stéphane Demri, Ewa Orlowska

Modal and Temporal Operators on Partial Orders
Bernhard Möller

Decidability by Unrefined Resolution for Propositional Modal Logics
Renate Schmidt

Relational Proof System for Natural Language
Barbara Dobrowolska-Buffoli

On a Presentation of Petri Nets and their Morphisms
Waldemar Korczynski

Number in Peirce Grammar
Michael Böttner