RelMiCS 7, Malente 2003: Talks

Getting to the bottom of relational refinement: Relations and correctness, partial and total
Eerke Boiten, Willem-Paul de Roever

Annihilating the annihilation axioms
Ernie Cohen

Kleene algebra control
Hans Bherer, Jules Desharnais et al.

Kleene modules
Thorsten Ehm, Bernhard Möller, Georg Struth

An online database of relation algebras, Kleene algebras, and related structures
Peter Jipsen

On the construction of relational categories
Eric Offermann

Relational unsharpness and processes
Peter Kempf, Michael Winter

The categories of Kleene algebras, action algebras and action lattices are related
Hitoshi Furusawa

Invited talk: Choice procedures in pairwise comparison multiple-attribute decision making methods
Marc Roubens

Reasoning about vague concepts in the theory of property systems
Philippe Balbiani

A necessary and sufficient representation theorem for the region connection calculus
Thomas Mormann

Spatial regions changing over time
Philippe Balbiani, Khalil Challita

Kleene algebra and dataflow analysis
Dexter Kozen

Applying relational algebra in 3D graphical software design
Rudolf Berghammer, Alexander Fronk

Requirements specification decomposition: A system testing driven approach
Ridha Khedri, Ling Wang, Lei Situ

Time is on my side
Marcelo F. Frias, Carlos Gustavo Lopez Pombo

A calculus of typed relations
Wendy MacCaull, Ewa Orlowska

Relational database theory in constructive type theory
Carlos Gonzalía

Tracing relations probabilistically
Ernst-Erich Doberkat

Probabilities defined on relations interpreting first order formulas
Miklos Ferenczi

Pointer Kleene algebra
Thorsten Ehm

Checking the shape safety of pointer manipulations
Adam Bakewell, Detlef Plump, Colin Runciman

Win, lose and stalemate in impartial games
Roland Backhouse, Diethard Michaelis

Invited talk: Kleene algebra with relations
Jules Desharnais

Greedy-like algorithms in Kleene algebra
Bernhard Möller, Georg Struth

Relational data analysis
Gunther Schmidt

Decomposing relations into orderings
Michael Winter

Two proof systems for Peirce algebras
Renate A. Schmidt , Ewa Orlowska

Integrating model checking and theorem proving for relational reasoning
Konstantine Arkoudas, Safraz Khurshid, Darko Marinov, Martin Rinad

Calculational relation-algebraic proofs in Isabelle/Isar
Wolfram Kahl

Random relations: Algorithms and applications
Ulf Milanese

SCAN is complete for all Sahlqvist formulae
Valentin Goranko, Ullrich Hustadt, et al.

Simulation and semantic analysis of modal logics by means of an elementary set theory treated á Rasiowa-Sikorski
Eugenio Omodeo, Ewa Orlowska, et al.

Relations and GUHA-style data mining II
Petr Hájek

Nearest neighbours without k: A classification formalism based on probability
Hui Wang, Ivo Düntsch, Günther Gediga

Translating with sense
Marcelo F. Frias

Monads and powerset algebras
Patrik Eklund

Logical aspects of user authentication protocols
László Aszalós, Philippe Balbiani

Morphism-driven design of graph colouring institutions
Giuseppe Scollo